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Aitana ignites Share Festival in Barcelona

Actualizado: 24 jun

Last Sunday, Aitana brought the fire to her hometown, Barcelona, headlining Share Festival’s second edition at Parc del Fòrum

Aitana is one of the most successful urban pop artists in the current Spanish music scene. The 24-year-old pop star most recently became the first Spanish female artist to sell out the 60.000 seater Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.

The Catalan pop star sparks passion wherever she goes, captivating her devoted fans and new audiences alike - a magnetic presence on full display at Share Festival. The festival boasted one of the most female-driven lineups of the season, featuring powerhouses like Lola Índigo, Belén Aguilera, Chanel and Julieta, with Aitana serving as the grand finale.

"Good evening Barcelona! This is a night to laugh, to cry because I'm a crybaby, and to dance!" the artist said to a festival crowd that raised many posters expressing their love, an Aitana look-alike barbie doll and every ounce of energy to perform every song back to her.

Aitana catered to both her devoted veteran fan base and the wildly energetic festival crowd. Her setlist was a masterful blend of upbeat Latin-infused bangers from her latest album Alpha,  older hits like "Mon Amour " and "Berlin" that had the crowd dancing along feverishly, balanced with more stripped-down emotional ballads like "Vas a Quedarte" and “=(IGUAL)” that highlighted her vocals.

However, the climax of the Alpha Tour happens during "miamor" - the song that received massive media criticism for its sexually alluring choreography. Before launching into the song's instantly recognizable routine, the giant screens flashed headlines criticizing the choreography as too provocative. Reclaiming the narrative by putting the critical headlines front-and-center, Aitana seemed more emboldened to address the controversy head on, executing the intricate dance moves on the floor, with unshakable confidence and a smirk, transforming the criticism into a rallying cry for artistic freedom and female empowerment.

Every phone in the crowd was up in the air and cries were getting higher by the second. Aitana owned the stage and the choreography, a statement that she'll never apologize for expressing herself authentically through her art.

Despite her massive success and diva-like stage presence, Aitana holds this sincere humility and connection with her fans shone through during intimate moments where she addressed the audience directly. Her beaming smile was infectious as she reminisced about her journey from Operación Triunfo to this monumental hometown show. Barcelona was treated to a truly world-class performance from one of Spain's brightest talents hitting her unstoppable stride.

To close out the festival’s 2024 edition, Aitana shared the stage with Belén Aguilera, Vicco, Julieta and Chanel for a collective dance to "Las Babys", a collaborative moment and statement honoring the feminine/urban music wave.

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